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The collective Pixel.com welcomes you on our site.

Our collective works in Crimea and Ukraine more than nine years. Throughout this time we have reached the best results in the operation is a design and creation of sites; have reached high reputation and have gained trust of many enterprises and firms both in Crimea, and in Ukraine.

The main directions of our activity:

  1. Development the Internet — sites
  2. Promotion (advancement) of sites in a network
  3. Support of projects
  4. Creation of corporate style: logos, posters, banners etc.

Having addressed in our design studio , the client receives first of all professional consultation then the concept of operation of the future resource and immediately development of a site or design is developed for a site.

In our company professionals of the business with a wide experience work exceptional. Therefore each operation is fulfilled in time, qualitatively and professionally.

Principal our advantage that addressing in our studio, you receive the full complex of services from development of design, site advancement on the Internet. And the main thing by a principle «All inclusive», we won’t stipulate with you additional payments. That allows you to save time and means.

The studio Pixel.com guarantees high quality of operation and service. We are ready to surprise you with the pleasant prices and cooperation high level. In the majority of sites created by us the convenient content management system based on web services UcoZ and CMS.


Collective Pixel.cim offers the Internet, design of service creation of sites on a turn-key basis.

The list of services:

  1. Creation the Internet of sites from the most simple cut-aways
  2. The Internet — shops
  3. Corporate sites
  4. Information sites
  5. Entertaining sites
  6. The Internet — portals
Optimization of sites in retrieval systems.

Retrieval systems — the reliable source of target visitors for a site. After all the user who has found your site on specific request, with much bigger probability will make the order for a site, than the user who has passed to a site on a beautiful banner. For this reason retrieval advancement of a site one of the most popular both demanded services of Internet marketing and one of the most effective methods of advertizing on the Internet. Retrieval optimization of sites (seo site promotion) is directed on improving of visibility of a site in results of output of retrieval systems. The are is better visible in search results of the link to a site, the it is more on a site of visitors, buyers, sales. Retrieval promotion of sites will help to reach that purpose which you put before yourselves, creating your web project.

Advancement of sites.

Collective Pixel.com offers the full complex of services in site advancement in retrieval systems. The wide experience of our experts will help to implement business in a network the Internet, we use the most effective methods of advancement, allow to achieve the best results in the short terms.

Site promotion

Site promotion was and remains to one of the most effective methods of engaging of target audience on the Internet. There is no the best method to declare itself to the potential client, than will appear before his eyes in a top-10 of search results on the request entered by it. It also grows out of retrieval promotion of a site from Pixel.com.

Site promotion is included into a complex of services in Internet project advancement. In spite of the fact that there are new methods to lift sales, a part from them — happen are effective enough. For this reason we have mastered them and have included in the list of the services. But the last years have shown that promotion of a site and in the future will remain one of key tools of advancement of a web project.

More in detail about site advancement.

Site support.

Service of a site for support of its full serviceability. Creation of a backup copy of a site for recovery of operation of a resource after attacks of viruses, and as if needed restitutions of the data

Design sites

Designers for whom styles — it is the most important, can succeed only in a case when life allows them to select luxury orders to which their style tastes approach.


Whether you are going to advertize the company, or to order gift corporate production, first of all, it is necessary for you to develop own corporate style. It with what it is necessary to begin advertizing activity of any company.


The site-cut-away is, as a rule, the simple site containing a title of firm, firm symbolics, the contact information, the most general convergence on firm and sphere of its activity. As required, after any time, at any moment it is possible to make difficult structure (a corporate site) of a site-cut-away, with possibility to solve additional tasks.

Site-cut-away CMS — the description.

The site on which you now are, works on so-called «Content management system» (CMS) and is an example — for a site-cut-away prototype. All functional dial-up of means of representation and information management which is offered by the given system, it is free in any design, according to your desire, restricted only imagination limits.

As a whole, this system is ideally suited for a format of the «site-cut-away» consisting of small (10-20) amounts of pages. The content of pages is convenient for editing by means of the built in visual editor. The menu for navigation on a site is generated automatically.

Following functions of system are standardly accessible:

— Structure of sections depth to 3 levels.
— Automatic generation of the menu of navigation.
— The form for a feedback through an e-mail.
— A sitemap.
— The version for the press,
— Change imeges design.
— Creation support sites.
— The visual editor of pages.
— Granting of files for races
— Check of beaten references
— Search in a site
— Convenient system of administration
— Automatic reserve copying of a content
… And so forth

The extension of functional capabilities is reached by connection of additional units — plug-ins (for example: comments, the guest book, news, rss, voting, registration of users, databases, etc.).

The system is stable, works at high speed, generates the code.

Corporate site

Corporate site official representative office in a network the Internet, with the detail information about the company, its activity and the purposes, the full list of products and services, with elements of interactive interaction with visitors. The design of a site is fulfilled in corporate style, i.e. at design there is a company logo, corporate colors and fonts, other elements of corporate style.
Corporate site with interactive elements and presence of the web interface for independent content management of a site.

The Internet shop

The Internet shop. You want to increase sales amount, but don’t know as? Start to address in various publishing houses, ask about layout of the information on the production, put in it considerable means and, as a result such actions not always justify your waitings. Unfortunately, the given method of engaging of customers has become outdated for a long time already and has lost the efficiency. But it is not necessary to despair, after all on change to it method of the decision of your problems more advanced and checked up on efficiency has come. Such worldnet as the Internet has produced a global way to formation of market relations as the leading economic form. With its help there was a possibility in more details to inform potential clients on the goods and services by means of what to attract in itself their interest.

The site the Internet shop is intended for layout of convergence on the activity for the purpose of the notification of users about it. The resource content includes 10 text or modular pages, and also the directory of production to 1000 positions. Besides we give convenient management system with which help the customer can independently produce certain actions on pages. If needed the client can use consulting service in site operation. Specializing on the newest technologies of development of methods of competent service, we manage to find effective methods of the decision of many questions arising in production.

Information site

Information site — a site which contains the exhaustive information on some data domain. Sites of this type, as a rule, contain set of articles of various authors, and also such services as: inquiries, voting, mailings. In the core, noncommercial type.

Creation of an information site

Creation of an information site this creation of the big site, approaches for various news agencies, sites of mass-media, newspapers, radio stations, TV channels. A main objective of development of an information portal — provision of great volumes of the information. Various entertaining portals also concern information sites. Units delivered with an information site:

> Design on the basis of a commercial template

> An amount of pages

> News

> Articles, announcements

> Registration of users

> Reportings

> Reviews

> Advertizing

> Language versions (ru, en, uk)

> A photo gallery, video gallery

> The unit «Question-answer» (FAQ)

> Comments

> Informers: a weather forecast, exchange rate etc.

> Search in a site

> The attendance counter

> Management system — you can control a site, update and edit a site


The promo-site forms for some specific marketing action. At promo-site creation the considerable attention is given to design of a site. The main requirement to design — brightness, beauty and the maximum engaging of attention of visitors. Deep study of details of design of a site, wide usage of flash-animation, competent and the systems concept to site advancement allow to make a promo-site the ideal marketing tool.

Interactive entertaining site

Interactive entertaining contains the interactive graphic elements implemented with technology of Flesh, a picture, game online, tests, inquiries, jokes, entertaining prose, forums, blogs (information tapes of users), competitions, actions online etc.

Internet portal

The Internet portal is a big web resource which is intended for formation of a certain community of people with certain interests. The portal can unite set of various services, give to clients possibility of purchase of the goods, to partners an information exchange.


The sites developed by our studio.

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Сказочная долина красных пещер
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Компания «Автотриплекс» Сайт «Звёздное небо»

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Звёздное небо

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